Suzanne Koehlinger has been a teacher at Concordia for 16 years.  She was the resource room teacher, but has been teaching 4th grade for four years.  She received her Bachelor and her Master Degrees from Ball State University.  She traveled with her husband when he was an officer in the Air Force and has taught in Ohio, Florida and Germany. 

She has four daughters that all have gone to Concordia Lutheran Grade School as well as to Concordia Lutheran High School.  Her oldest Kaylee lives and works in Korea.  Ashlynn works for a steel manufacturing company in Minneapolis.  Her youngest two daughters, Reagann and Noell, are a senior and a junior in high school. 

She is the Varsity Cheerleading Coach at the high school and is involved with competitive cheer in Indianapolis.  Her favorite subject to teach is Indiana History.  "I love to bring the past back to life and get the kids excited about history.”  

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