Mrs. Williamson's 2nd Grade Webpage

"Concordia is a great place in which to work.  Although there are many people on the staff with varied personalities, there is a spirit of camaraderie – we all work together for the good of our students and their families!  You will hear a lot of laughter in the hallways and in the classrooms.  Maybe that is the sound of people who know they are loved by the Lord and forgiven. 

We have always been blessed to have plenty of supplies and equipment with which to teach.  Supportive parents and the congregation see to it that we have what we need to get the job done.

The parents are great!  The involvement of many of them in the life of the school and in their child’s future is a huge support for us.  Without the home/school bond, education is far less effective. 

It is so enjoyable to stand in the doorway of the classroom as the children arrive.  I see the smiles and hear the greetings from all ages as we start our day.  No matter how I feel when I come to school, the enthusiasm and personalities of many of them give me that jump-start as we begin another day!”

Education:     BS in Elementary Education

Concordia  University Chicago 

Chris has been on the staff since 1998. After teaching at the 1st grade level all of her career, she has finally been promoted to 2nd grade!  To the delight of her students, Chris has a loft in her classroom which is used for reading and working on assignments.


Her husband, Dave, is a pastor involved in various activities at church.  Chris and Dave are parents to four grown sons and thoroughly enjoy their 3 grandchildren.


Chris enjoys cooking and baking, making improvements in the house, and is an avid reader, walker, and bike rider.