Welcome to a new school year!!!




Mrs. Williamson's Second Grade


1.  Make sure you listen to your child read.

2.  We will be partner reading on Wednesday.  If you would like, your child may bring home the reader on Monday to get a head start on the weekly story.  Just make sure the reader comes back to school on Tuesday as we work in it daily.

3.  We do a spelling pre-test each Monday.  Those with a perfect score will be exempt from the Friday test.
4.  Each 2nd grader will be expected to test on at least one AR book each time we uae ipads.  Make sure the name of the book is written by your child on the paper at the back of the take home folder.  If there is no book on which to test, your child will be reading during ipad time.  Your child's goal for the entire quarter is written in the blank at the top of the book log. 

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